As Enermak Enerji, the 252 km DCVG survey project of BOTAŞ International Limited has been undertaken and completed successfully by our specialists.

BOTAŞ International Limited, which their first pipeline was established in 2002, has been providing the continuous control of the pipeline coating conditions and by the way, it is provided that the most accurate working of cathodic protection system.

We completed CIP Survey of the entire pipeline in 2012, and now we have completed the DCVG survey of 252 km of the line between "Adana-Ceyhan and Kayseri-Pınarbaşı".

DCVG -DIRECT CURRENT VOLTAGE GRADIENT MEASUREMENT; As in the Cathodic Protection application, when a DC voltage is applied to the pipeline, a voltage gradient occurs in the ground around the bare steel due to coating faults,.

Through DCVG survey, it is possible to pinpoint the areas exposed to corrosion on the pipeline. Also based on the stray current calculation, it is possible to calculate the current intensity and the defect diameter.

The DCVG method is the most accurate method for determining the size and corrosive structure of coating defects