Survey And Analysis Of Cathodic Protection

Because of the corrosion on pipelines, port stakes, tanks and similar steel structures, the constant control of the system should be done to ensure correct and efficient operation of the cathodic

Measurement Of Soil Specific Resistance

Measurement of resistivity (specific resistance) by the Wenner method At this method, four electrodes equally spaced (L cm) and in the same direction are immersed in the soil. Current is applied

Line Detection And Mapping

Line Detection And Mapping RD1100 The RD1100 provides detection professionalism. Surveyors and other users can trace and mark all kinds of cables and pipes that are included in plastic and

Close Interval Potentıal Survey (CIPS)

Close Interval Potentıal Survey (Cıps) (CIPS) CLOSE INTERVAL POTENTIAL SURVEY; electrolytic direct current (DC) potential measurements made at regular intervals to assess the level of polarization

Direct Current Voltage Survey (DCVG)

Direct Current Voltage Survey (Dcvg) Corrosion; Depletion or disruption physically due to the electrochemical reaction of a metal or alloy with the environment in which it is present. Abrasion

Alternatıng Current Voltage Gradıent (ACVG)

PCM-X The transmitter module generates a defined frequency and pcm current, and the receiver module determines the route and depth of the pipe up to 30 km. Using the A-Frame attachment, it is also

Interference Current Mapping (SCM)

Interference Current Mapping SCM  Through this equipment, it is possible to map the magnitude and direction of the currents that are roaming on the pipelines. With this work, it is ensured that we

Isolatıon Defect Detectİon (Holiday Detector)

Isolatıon Defect Detectıon Holiday Detector In order to protect against corrosion, facilities made of metal materials are covered with a protective coating. This coating material is usually made