Alternatıng Current Voltage Gradıent (ACVG)

Alternatıng Current Voltage Gradıent (ACVG)


The transmitter module generates a defined frequency and pcm current, and the receiver module determines the route and depth of the pipe up to 30 km. Using the A-Frame attachment, it is also possible to analysis point-to-point where the pipeline is broken, its position and its depth. Fast positioning, mapping and minimizing unnecessary excavations are important features. The algorithmic filtering feature allows the elimination of faulty signals from other metallic structures.

* Provision of point determination of corrosion and current leaks caused electrochemically in the pipeline.

* Surveyability without the need for a different equipment, as it is possible to find pipes and isolation fault at the same time.

* Displays the interaction of the transponder with other foreign sources in the direction of the signal applied to the pipeline.

* It has extra low frequency (4Hz) and it can detect the current direction.

* Sends a DC current signal at an interval that will not damage the pipeline insulation.

* Reduces the magnetic field deformation that can arise from environmental factors (overhead lines, foreign pipe intersections, base stations, etc.).

* Due to the mobile (Android) complementary application, it allows users to analyze field results in graphical view.

*  Backward and forward walk will take you faster to your next measurement.

* Provides instant graphical display at any point on the Android operating system (computer, tablet, and mobile phone).

* Provides regional interpretation through graphs with a total of 10,000 data records.

* Easy operation and weighing only 2.2 kg allows the most accurate results without exposing the operator.

* The efficiency and evaluation of cathodic protection are presented to you by direct survey service or practical training.

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