Alternate Current Voltage Gradient (ACVG) Equipment

PCMx: the faster, more convenient survey system for corrosion control. Working alongside industry experts, Radiodetection pioneered the first Pipeline Current Mapper over 20 years ago. It enabled

Intelligent Cutter (INTERRUPTER)

CI-15 DC 15 Amp GPS Synchronized Features Small light weight current interrupter GPS continuously synchronized Microprocessor driven Flash memory Computer programmable 5 programmable time

Corrosion Control Equipment

CorrReader Pro – Corrosion Control Equipment Features Simple, easy use, designed for use by non-corrosion technicians Internal GPS antenna for synchronization and location

Close Interval Potential Survey (CIPS) Equipment

Hexcorder Pro CIPS / DCVG Surveys Features 10 different survey modes including Close Interval (CIPS), multiple DCVG channels, multiple impedance Work with interruption cycles as fast as 1

Direct Current Voltage Gradient (DCVG) Equipment

CTL-3000 Analogue DCVG Instrument Features Accurately locate coating defects Estimate defect size Identify priority for excavation Monitor coating condition Confirm electrical

Pipe Detection Detectors

Since Radiodetection launched the first commercial, twin antenna, cable and pipe locators over 40 years ago, we have pioneered many technologies that are used widely in the location industry today.

Pit Depth Gauge (PIT GAUGE)

Pit Gauge This equipment provides precise measurement of the depth of the vertical pit caused by corrosion in steel pipelines. Technical Specification Has a digital screen. It is able to read

Stray Current Mapper (SCM)

INTERFERENCE CURRENT MAPPİNG It has the following characteristics: • Determining the parts of the pipeline affected by the interference currents. • Point detection of input and output