Detectable Warning Belts

Detectable Warning Belts


Detectable Tape underground marking tapes are a market leader, thanks to its high quality detectable type. The printed warning messages prevent the ink from becoming indistinct, and are resistant to acids, alkali, humidity and other harmful elements. This way the tape allows the print to reflect completely.  The tape should be visible before it can be read. Therefore, the relevant warning description (in black bold letters) and the color code are printed along the entire tape.  All underground marking tapes are made of extrusion-laminated material and the stripe color is manufactured from 100% pigments. The standard APWA color codes are used. They are offered for sale in 300-meter rolls in 7.5 cm, 15 cm or 30 cm widths. 

Non-Detectable Tape 

We manufacture non-detectable (cannot be detected by metal detectors) underground marking tapes that are used for marking all kinds of underground installations (such as electricity, telephone, clean water, waste water, gasoline, and petrol), with a printed warning message, are visible, resistant to acids, alkali and other harmful elements, and compliant with international norms.

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