Cleaning and Profile Pig


Cleaning and Profile Pig

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Cleaning and Profile Pig

As Enermak Energy, we have signed another innovation. We have successfully delivered our domestic production of “Profile and Cleaning Pigs” to BOTAŞ Ceyhan. “Profile and Cleaning Pigs” produced by Enermak Energy have been found to be more robust and superior to the competitive products produced abroad and according to the test results. Enermak Energy has proven once again that our country can also do successful works on pipelines. In addition to “Profile and Cleaning Pigs”, we have delivered and presented the products of CDI, the world leader in “Pig Tracking Systems”. Thanks to our successful domestic production, we will now be able to say that we are in the world market by turning to export.


Pigs used in Natural Gas and Petroleum Pipelines are produced to be used for many years, but the parts exposed to friction and impact on the Pig begin to wear out after the first try. These wearing parts (polyurethane discs, steel brushes, aluminum plates and wheels) need to be changed over time. Instead of buying a new pig, these used parts are replaced and pigs are used more efficiently.

Cleaning and Profile Pig

Polyurethane discs – Cleaning and Profile Pig

Polyurethane discs are used in all pigs produced in the world. Polyurethane is one of the rare materials with high abrasion, tear and tensile strength. In this way, although the pigs are exposed to hundreds of kilometers of friction, they reach the next pig station without any pressure loss.


Diameters: 8 inches -60 inches

Shore Hardness: A 65-80

BAYER’s BAYTECH D 22-70MF material, which has proven its quality worldwide, is used in the production of polyurethane discs.

Operating temperature: -20° / +80°


These are the brushes made of rope wire on the pigs for cleaning the residues that occur periodically and before the pipeline is put into use.


Galvanized steel rope on steel body

Quality that can be used 5-6 times (Pig can be thrown 5-6 times)

Diameter options: 8-10 inches // 12-20 inches // 24-36 inches // 40-48 inches are produced in different sizes.

Cleaning and Profile Pig – Wheels:

It is designed to prevent the wear of the pigs due to friction due to the heavy weight of the polyurethane pigs and to keep the pig in the center of the pipe.

Spring wheel, produced wheels are ST52 galvanized steel body, wheel coating is polyurethane, wheel hub is steel casting. The fork is adapted to the body with a spring mechanism.

These wheels, which are produced for use in pigs, are designed to pass through the welding seams and possible bends of the pipes used in natural gas pipelines. The purpose of using spring wheels in pigs is to keep the 600 kg pig in the center of the pipe, thus minimizing the load on the polyurethane discs.

Measures 24-26 inches, .40 -48 inches

Aluminum plates: They are used to detect bends and collapses in profile pigs. Bends and collapses in pipelines mostly occur when the pipeline is first laid. Before the pipeline is used, it is checked that there are no collapses and bends with the help of a cleaning pig and then a profile pig.

Cleaning and Profile Pig – Enermak produces different options for bending and dentification plates.


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